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Sundance Roofing provides commercial and residential roof repair and services with the top Albuquerque Roofers.

Our professional and highly skilled Albuquerque Roofers offer outstanding workmanship in all our projects. We make sure that quality and reliability come first. In business since 1996, we aim to build lasting relationships with our valued customers.  You can trust our highly qualified Albuquerque Roofers.

Roof Restoration / Preventive maintenance:

Maintaining a roof typically consist of but not limited to;
Cleaning roof of organic debris, leaves, branches, cleaning gutters & downspouts. Re sealing
roof penetrations, roof canales or scuppers, roof drains, parapet wall flashings, skylights,
air conditioning ducts, perimeter gravel stops. All these items are typically sealed with
plastic cement which is petroleum based and with the sun and element breaks and can create
possible roof leaks. Maintaining these items is essential to the longevity of the roof system.
Regular preventive maintenace inspections will spot any trouble areas and can be addressed
before a roof leak occurs. With regular preventive maintenace all these items
are inspected and resealed. The plastic cement is also coated with a reflective aluminum
coating to protect the plastic cement from the sun UV rays and weather elements.
Regular preventive maintenace or roof restoration will extend the life expectancy of the roof
system saving the consumer thousand of dollars from replacing a roof.
Keeping the roof clean of organic debris (tree leaves and branches) will prevent water ponding
around drainage areas and will prevent premature roof failure.
pictures of open penetrations before and after sealing.

Our Albuquerque Roofers Specialize In:

Albuquerque Roofers NM Sundance

Our Albuquerque Roofers Offer Home Improvement Services Including:

  • New construction
  • Remodeling and room additions
  • Concrete work
  • Energy-efficient quality windows
  • Exterior construction
  • Home repairs
  • Stucco
  • Drywall / repairs
  • Wood fencing
  • Cinder block fencing
  • Wrought iron fencing

To help you with payments, financing is available. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. As your Albuquerque Roofers we make it a point to know which roofing product is right for your home. We understand how important your home roof is to you. That is why our Albuquerque Roofers come right to your home, to give you an estimate on your roof, and also to educate you on how roofing wears down over the years and how to prevent damages from happening in the future. Remember your home is your investment. So let us help you to protect that investment with the best Albuquerque Roofers available.

Call Sundance Roofing today for a free estimate at (505) 873-6125 and experience service with the best Albuquerque Roofers.