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Call Us Today! 505-873-6125

“Sundance Roofing was referred to me from a fellow real estate agent.  They were excellent. They did a great job for a great price.  I have referred them to other people in the real estate business, and they have also been very happy with their roofing jobs.  A great job for me has resulted in me spreading the word.” – Micheal Wilber

” I am Very happy with the job Sundance Roofing did.  I felt the company was very knowlable and a reliable roofing company. I would recommend  them to any of my friends.”– Cheryl

“I have had them do three commercial buildings and one residential building for me.  I have never had any problems with the roofing after they were done.  The employees were very professional.  No problems at all, and no employee conflicts!” – Charlie Fletcher

“Luis has done several roofs for me over the years.  I have had no problems at all, and the work was done very efficiently and professionally.” -Larry Gaylord

“Sundance Roofing did great work.  They were very quick and efficient!”- Eddie Pordome